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It's important for us to provide each customer with quality products and excellent service at a competitive price.

We are a privately held company which offers advantages to our customers.

Decisions are made by the people running the company, who have decades of experience and a strong understanding of the industry & what needs to be done to provide the service and expertise our customers are looking for.

Many other large metal companies are owned by a parent company who are ultimately in control of all decisions. It may take days before a decision is made by them. Metalmasters has the ability to make decisions quickly & within the best interest of our valued customers.


We own our entire fleet of trucks, vans & vehicles to fill any size order that comes in. Most deliveries are completed within 24-48 hours on our in-stock items across Long Island, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, The Bronx & Lower Westchester County with plans of expanding our territory even further..

For large orders,  we have the ability to work directly with the mills to have your materials drop shipped directly to your doorstep or drop location. We pride ourselves on the saying, "No order is too big, or too small."


Over the last few decades, we have had many customers with different requirements and professional-level skill sets. If there is a service that you would like performed, but we happen to not provide it ourselves, we will refer you to one of our customers that can perform such services. We pride ourselves on the ability to deliver this level of service to all our customers. Anyone whom we recommend also carries the same values and principals as Metalmasters.

In this example, we will act as a matchmaker using our vast customer network to ensure your service gets handled by a competent company. We deal with these companies on a regular basis & we will pair you with a company who can meet your exact requirements.

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