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A Tribute To The Metalmasters Founder

"Never Lie, You're Not Smart Enough To Remember Them.." -Francis Bove
"Treat Customers As You Wish To Be Treated.." -Francis Bove

Metalmasters would not be the company it is today without this man. Formally a United States Marine, Francis Bove came out of the service, went on to become a private pilot and eventually started an aluminum company. After retiring at the age of 41, Francis Bove started Metalmasters 20 years later with his son, Richard. As an incredible husband to his wife, Florence, & a great father to his two sons, Richard & Kevin, Francis Bove taught them both extremely valuable life & business lessons that have carried through over the years and still ring true to this day.  Since the conception of Metalmasters in 1981, we have carried his values across all aspects of our business & lives. We cannot say how grateful we were for his wisdom, honesty & integrity as these values have given Metalmasters the tools to become the reputable company that we are and always will be.


"Dad, we love you, we miss you & we're grateful for all the years we had you with us."

-Richard Bove

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